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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays, Wayanad - Day 1

Place: Sterling Holidays, Wayanad, Kerala.

Distance: 262 km from Bangalore

Ideal for: Friends and Family

When you get embraced from the God's own country you never say no. That's exactly what happened with me as well. I was very excited to experience the magic of lush green paddy fields, tall coconut trees, surrounding hills and a new perception towards travel and experience with Sterling Holidays.

Best of the Beast: A View of Sterling Wayanad
Monday morning: The journey started at 6.20 am from Bangalore. There were totally 13 bloggers onboard, it was a pleasure to meet like-minded people and travel with them. A short introduction was followed by a lot of discussion about blogging and social media influencing. I am used to traveling with my friends but this was my first time traveling in such a group.

Breakfast time. SJCam has become my travel partner
Somewhere before entering Bandipur Tiger Reserve
We stopped at Mysore Midway restaurant for the breakfast at 8 am. After breakfast, everyone fell asleep only to wake up near Bandipur Tiger Reserve.  While everyone's eye was eagerly looking at the window, I was lost in old memories of my previous ride through this stretch on my bike. It was a thrilling experience to ride on this stretch on the bike. As soon as we entered Kerala state we were greeted by the paddy fields on either side stretching till the horizon. The lush green paddy fields are the reason behind the name of the place Wayanad (Valay- Paddy, Nadu - Land).

Passing through Bandipur forest

Paddy fields on either side are the indication that you are in Kerala

Sterling Holidays: After 7 hours of the long journey, we reached Sterling Wayanad. We were welcomed in traditional style with staff wearing typical Malayali style attire with a bright smile on their face. The welcome drink (lemon tea) was effective enough to nullify the tiredness. The reception area was decorated with the rustic chairs and vibrant paints with antique pieces showcasing Theyyam style of dance culture.

Getting welcomed in Traditional style. Featuring: Currylines

The reception area of the resort

The cozy sofa gives you the comfort and homely feeling

The wall is decorated colorfully with Theyamm antic artifacts

The middle photo is the Theyyam traditional costume and the surroundings are the artifacts used by them

The Rooms: Soon after the formalities, we checked in to the rooms. The rooms were beautiful, spacious and clean. Apart from the basic facilities like a cozy bed and TV, the room had a balcony, a walk-in wardrobe, safe locker and a very clean washroom. My room had a balcony where one can sit and grab a cup of coffee while enjoying the beautiful view of the resort and the greenery surrounding it. 

The beautiful room and the welcome surprise
After getting freshened we proceeded for the lunch. The restaurant is on the other side, we could either choose to walk or take a buggy ride. We decided to walk and explore the resort thoroughly. Nested in Muthunga Wildlife sanctuary the resort looked majestic and ample greenery around.

The resort has been nested in the green forest

The balance between the structures and the greenery is worth appreciating 

Lunch Time: The spacious multicuisine restaurant looked elegant with the entire place lit up serving a wide range of dishes including exotic Kerala cuisine. After a sumptuous lunch, we proceeded to the conference room where Mr. Kanish gave a brief introduction to Sterling Holidays. Out of all the points discussed I loved their focus towards providing visitors whole new travel experience which no other competitor offer. Small introduction session followed where we all shared our dream destination and what travel means to us.

The restaurant looks elegant and classy with the beautiful interiors and soothing atmosphere

Always camera eats first. Featuring: Phenomenal taste
The spices of Wayanad

The lunch of the day.
Ziplining: The first activity of the day was Zipline. The resort has Zipline setup inside the property itself. It was my first time to do zip line so I was really excited. After wearing safety gears I was ready to jump. Flying through the property I covered around 200 meters in a matter of seconds. I was tempted to do it again but time was the constraint. 

Ziplining for the first time
Tribal visit: We proceeded for the next activity - Tribal village visit. Little did I know was Sultan Bathery is a homeland of various tribal communities. The tribal village was just 2 km away from the resort. After a kilometer of the drive, we walked to reach Paniya tribe.  It was a colony of 4-6 houses with the basic facility like drinking water, electricity, rainwater harvesting provided by the government. We met a Tribal lady who was in her 80's but looked half her age. She walks 5 km a day and cooks her own meal which gave me a new perception towards fitness. While 10+ cameras were pointing at her to capture the portrait, she gave a bold expression like a model. For a moment I felt I captured the Nat Geo cover shot.

Walking through the Tribal Village
The Tribal lady giving pose like a model. She's 85 but looks half her age who walks 5 km a day and cooks her own meal.

National Geography cover shot

Paddy fields: We crossed a couple of more tribal settlement and landed into the paddy field. Waynad is known for its green paddy fields and beautiful landscape. It was a bliss to walk through the paddy field. It became dark by the time we reached back to the bus. After reaching the resort we went for the High Tea.

Lush green paddy fields. Featuring: Chilly studio and Vandytheblogger

When you say "GoPro take a pic" and GoPro throws you back with amazing clicks
High Tea: It is the British tradition of drinking tea while sitting in high-backed chairs at a table full of plated items. The theme for the day was coffee so we had all the items in coffee flavor. Every item was delicious. The tea was one of the best tea I had in recent times. We proceeded to our respective rooms after this.

Coffee was the theme for the day

All the items were coffee flavored

Including the desserts and cookies

That's a photographer's plate

Dinner: We had some exotic Kerala dishes for the dinner including the Kerala rice and Bamboo Biriyani. I was overwhelmed by the dinner.

Exotic kerala dishes on my dinner plate

The irresistible deserts
It was 10.30 pm by the time we finished our dinner. I so much tired that I went to my room and just crashed on the bed only to wake up to the beautiful morning on the next day.

The resort looks even more beautiful at night

Read my Day - 2 post where we did lots of fun activities in the resort, visited the Jain temple and church and had a barbeque dinner.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

World Motorcycle Day Ride 2018

Place: Kamat Upchar, Dabaspete, Karnatka

Distance: 50 km from Bangalore
Type: Group ride
Ideal for: Friends

Can you imagine 2500+ bikes riding together? This ride is dedicated to one of the most auspicious days for all the bikers. Being the world's largest consumer of two-wheelers, India never celebrated the WMD but the time has changed and awareness about the road safety and responsible riding has taken a big hit.

Best of the beast: WMD 2018 Ride
Being an avid biker and travel enthusiast I never celebrated WMD in the past. Most of the biking clubs celebrate the WMD by arranging group rides but I could never join them for some reason. I didn't want to miss this time as well. There was a WMD ride organized by Association of Biking Community (ABC) which is a union of 65+ biking clubs in Bangalore. The registration cost was Rs. 200 which included breakfast and some goodies. Without a second thought, I registered for the event along with my friends Abdul and Gaphar.

Ride Day: As per the schedule the ride was supposed to begin at 5 IST. When someone says IST it means by default there will be 1-2 hours of delay. Yet I woke up at 4 in the morning and left home at 4.45 am. Abdul was my pillion rider for the day. We rode towards the Kanteerava stadium which was the starting point. There was a big line of riders at the entrance gate. The organizers and volunteers were working very hard to manage the crowd. After some doubts and help, I found the BAC team and parked my bike among other Avengers. We collected the meal pass and goodies (goodies disappointed me).

Kanteerava stadium in the morning
I could see a lot of varieties of the bikes with good modifications. I couldn't resist myself from going around and checking out all the bikes. I was very excited to see the bikes ranging from shiny superbikes to century-old Rajdhoot. I was lost in seeing other bikes that I missed the ride flag off. Naveen Raj Singh, Karnataka State Tourism Secretary flagged off the ride at 6 am in the morning.

All the varieties of the bikes together. From Java Yezdi

to super hot Harley Davidson

The lost Baby: I ran to the place where I parked my bike. But sadly the avenger group had left and my bike was looking like a baby who lost her mother. I'd no other choice but to join other group. I joined the RX 100 club. Just after 200 meters, I realized I did a mistake by joining this club. The fun with RX100 is its sound, our group grabbed the attention of everyone on the road but on the other side, the road was completely smoky thanks to the RX100 engine :D 

At begging the group was scattered, everyone was riding without discipline. The lead stopped us at Yashwantpur and briefed us about riding etiquette. The ride was going much smoother now. I appreciate organizers and volunteers who were standing at every turn guiding us the route. Also thanks to the Bangalore Traffic Police for cooperating.

Joined the RX100 biking group for the ride

Arrived at Kamat Upchar on Tumkur Road

We were on the Tumkur highway. Surprisingly the traffic on the highway was more than usual. We rode straight 50 km and finally reached Kamat Hotel, Dobbespet. I parked my bike near the avenger group hoping to ride back with the group. 

The Celebration: Kamat Upchar on NH4 has a big area where the main stage and food stall was arranged. It was 8.30 am by the time we reached the destination. I was feeling hungry so we went straight to the breakfast counter and filled our plate with yummy items. After the breakfast, we headed to the main stage. There was some fun event on the stage. I was more curious to checkout modified bikes in the parking area than the main event.

Breakfast time

Such a huge crowd. Love to see all the biking enthusiasts at a single place

Irresistable view of amazing machines

Pulsar maniacs

I feel bikers are very much disciplined when it comes to bikes.
Do you also feel the same?

Modified bikes at best: So we came to the parking lot. Among the best-modified bikes were the Bajaj Avengers, Royal Enfields, and RX100. I wonder how people modify their bikes so better yet maintain the functionality of the bike. There were few total customs bikes too which were the center of attraction. The superbikes were on a different level too.

Would you believe if I say you that its modified Avenger?

The most customize windshield I've ever seen on an avenger

Backrest for the riders as well. Avenger is the most versatile bike when it comes to the modifications

And this one is the RE350 modified bike. It doesn't have a shock absorber at the back.
Oops!! sorry if that really hurts :D

And this is the custom-made bike which looks like a cycle. I don't know which engine is used

Look at the exhaust. RIP to the rider's legs

Its a treat to the eyes to see so many bikes

A selfie

That's so amateur of me to pose on bikes in parking lot :P

This Indian bike was a treat to the eyes

There were some give away of riding jackets and a brand new bike. The event was going great. It was 12 pm and I was completely exhausted. People started riding back individually so did we too. The day was well spent, it was fun to see biker's enthusiasm in the early hours of a Sunday. Later Sagar Sheldekar came on the stage too but sadly I missed that part. Would have been a great opportunity for me to meet him.

Riders with helmet performing dance

My next bike?

Summary: The best thing about the ride as I got to see so many varieties of the bikes, especially the modified ones. So its a must attend the event if you are looking for a diversity of bikes.

Should you join next WMD ride?
Don't join the ride if, 
1. You are someone who is seeking a peace and serenity 
2. You are concerned more about the ride and destination

Join this ride if,
1. You are someone who is excited to see superbikes and different bikes.
2. You are looking for modified bikes
3. You want to see the trend in the biking community
4. You want to learn about safety gears and riding etiquette.

Other Recommended Trekking Places near Bangalore:
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2.  Shivaganga Hill - 50 km
3. Nijagal Betta, Tumkur - 52 km
4. Makalidurga, Doddaballapura - 55 km
5. Mandaragiri / Basadi Betta - 60 km
6. SRS Hills, Ramnagar - 60 km
7. Skandagiri Hills - 60 km
8. Hulukadi Betta - 65 km
9. Rayakottai - 74 km
10. Antharagange, Kolar - 75 km
11. Bilikal Rangaswami Betta 75 km
12. Avani Betta - 95 km
13. Siddara Betta - 100 km
14. Madhugiri Fort, Tumkur - 103 km

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