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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skandagiri Night Trek - Witnessing the Sunrise 12/02/2011

Place: Skandagiri Hill, Chikballapur

Distance:  70 x 2 = 140 kms
Route:  RVCE -> Majestic -> Chikballapur -> Skandagiri Hill
Type: Trekking
Ideal for: Friends
Transportation: Bus
Budget: 200/Head

I was in the second year of my bachelors degree, when my classmates had decided for this night trek. I barely knew what was trekking all about, this was my first trek no doubt I fell in love with it there after.

Best of the Beast: Best group photo clicked ever

Friday Night: We all assembled at majestic at 9 pm. Took Chikballapur bus at 10 pm, conductor dropped us near a small village at 12.30 am. We walked for the next 3 kms until the base of the hill. There was a temple at the base, we hired a local guy for showing us the route who charged us around 400 Rs.

In the bus
Infront of the temple at the base
Spartans ready for the trek
Night Trekking: The trekking was fun filled. There were some tricky paths on the route, I don't remember much from that night but all I know was it was awesome trekking experience I ever had. 

The hill top: Reached the peak around 3.30 am. there were many groups at the peak already. It was freezing cold. We had to put on the campfire to keep us hot and alive. 

Campfire wasn't as much fun we had thought
Epic Achut's reaction 
The temple on the top

The sunrise: We were waiting eagerly since 3 am for the sunrise, I never had witnessed the sunrise before like this. Though we were all exited the cold was killing us. It was 6.30 am when the sky was filled with the light but sun was still lazy enough to get up.

The sunrise

Back to the base

Update: Skandagiri is banned for both day and night trekking
Trekking at skandagiri is completely banned, night trekking was banned years ago but from more than 6 months even day trekking has been banned. Its not just another Rule are made to be broken kind of law, forest officers are very strict about this. Even if you try to trespass villagers would catch you in the morning and complain to Police. Any trespassing could lead to imprisonment for up to three months. 
Ray of hope: Dr V R Naik, Deputy Conservator of Forests, said there is a proposal to resume day trekking but with guide for every batch arranged by forest department themselves.
Source: Trekkers surprised by ban at Skandagiri Hills

Hopefully Skandagiri will be opened up for the trekkers soon, I will update whenever I get any info till then don't even think of going trek at Skandagiri.


My journey said...

Nicely put up .. great work..

sagar sakre said...

Thank you very much :)

nithin sakre said...

nicely sun capture.............feeling to visit this place.........thanks sagar!!!!!

sagar sakre said...

Thank you Nitin. Yeah it's a must visit place.

Karthick A Rao said...

Hi sagar,
Your blog is really impressive and informational. Just here to inform that, skandagiri is closed from past 5 months, so anyone who is reading this blog, please cancel your plan to skandagiri.

Sagar Sakre said...

Hi kartik,
Thank you very much, I updated the post informing about the bank. Hopefully it will reopen soon