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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Omkar hills & Turahalli forest: A perfect morning 08/06/2014

Place: Omkar hills and Turahalli forest, Bangalore

Distance : 20kms x 2 = 40 Kms
Route: Vijaynagar -> Omkar Hills -> Turahalli Forest
Crew: Sachin, Kaveri, Kanchan and Sagar (myself)
Type: Sight Seeing
Ideal for: Omkar Hills - Friends & Family, Turahalli forest - Friends
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Scooty Pep
Budget: 100rs/head

Beep beep!!


Kanchana: Kaveri going to hometown this Sunday, let's go somewhere.

Me: Kaveri going? (what a good news). Ok I'll check a place to hangout.

So it's Kaveri's farewell time, hangout for a day, I'm not really big fan of malls as its boring, noisy, traffic, no adventure, not pocket friendly.  So some nice place to hangout within city. Googled it!  Found this place on a blog, after seeing the photos I was wondering if this place is inside the city just 20 Kms from Vijayanagar! Wow! So near, girls can bring Scooty and Sachin and me on bike! seemed perfect. Plan fixed Omkar hills n Turahalli forest.

Saturday morning: Left Vijayanagar at 5.30 am.  Had a hot cup of tea at Bangalore University,  I love Bangalore University its so calm, green, trees, people jogging, walking, playing its like you are out of busy traffic life of Bangalore. Coming back to trip, soon after tea we left. I navigated to Omkar hills and we reached Omkar temple at 6.20 am

Omkar Hills: The place was empty except some temple pujaris. Sun has been already up so couldn't witness the sunrise :( The View from temple is awesome!!  Temple is well built, beautiful, good architecture. There are 7 Jyotirlinga inside the temple. At the backyard of temple there is a big Ben clock made by HMT. Each hand weighs 40kg. The temple view from back is more beautiful than from the front.

Omkar Hills Temple
Temple backside
Temple backyard
After spending some time there we left the place. Had breakfast at a hotel beside RNSIT college gate. I put for navigation to turahalli forest. 5kms.

Turahalli Forest: We reached turahalli forest in 15 mins. There were already three cyclists. Great place for cycling as well. I stepped on to a big rock, the highest point of the hill. Wow!!!! The cold breeze, the calmness, breathtaking view made my day.

Photo tine on the Road
View from the Peak

One! Two! Three! Jump !!!! :P
View from the top
View from the top

We all sat there hearing the voice of nature - the wind, birds, peacock..  Yes peacocks!! Its the reserved peacock forest, many photographers come here to capture the beautiful peacocks in their camera.  After patiently waiting for some time we spotted a peacock down the forest! It feels nice to see them free in forest than in a cage. I went down to see it closer but by that time it ran away.

See the peacock
Chasing the peacock

 After spending calm 1 hour at the peak we headed back. By 10 am we were back to Vijayanagar.

I won't say this is the best place, the best view I ever had but considering the distance of the place from the heart of city it is worth of visiting.

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