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Monday, August 25, 2014

Devarayanadurga Hills - Greenery Redefined 23/08/2014

Place: Devarayanadurga betta a.k.a DD Hills, Namada ChelumeTumkur

Distance: 75 x 2 = 150 kms
Route: Vijaynagar -> Nelamangala -> Dabaspete -> Devarayanadurga
Type: Temple, Sightseeing, optional short trekking
Ideal for: Friends & Family
Crew: Vinay, Sukesh, Arun, Abdul, Praveen, Sagar
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Honda Trigger CB, Pulsar 135
Budget: 300/head

I was really frustrated because of some issue at office just wanted to spend some time away from this mess. Checked theloapers blog for a perfect destination. The far side of Bangalore is a nature's bounty in full swing. Just 70 kilometers away from the hustle-bustle of Silicon City is a powerfully quiet countryside with breathtaking views, century old temples and rocky hills. The destination is, Devarayanadurga in Tumkur district. 

Brief about the place: The rocky hills are surrounded by forest and the hilltops are dotted with several temples including the Yoganarasimha and the Bhoganarasimha temples and an altitude of 3940 feet. It is also famous for Namada Chilume, a natural spring considered sacred and is also considered the origin of the Jayamangali river.

Saturday morning: Woke up at 4.15 am and hit the road at 4.45 am. All assembled at Maruti mandir. After formal greeting we headed towards our destination. Vinay and Sukesh were already waiting for us at NH4 Toll gate, Nagasandra. Had a hot cup of tea and soon we left. 

The Ride: We rode at a normal pace, reached Dabaspete from where you have to take a right  turn. Another 20 kms for our destination. The road changed from Highway to a interior road with peaceful surroundings. Saw the sunrise on the way. The road is zigzag and the dense greenery surroundings makes ride memorable.

Sunrise on the way

Finally we reached the destination at 7 O'clock. The view from the hill was breathtaking the mist covered the hills, the cold breeze made a wonderful morning. 

The first view from the hill
The first view from the hill
We parked the bike and followed the stairs which lead us to  the temple. A lot of monkeys welcomed us, doing mischievous things. The gate of the temple was closed, a sign board displayed it will be opened at 8. 

Parking space
Stairs leading to the temple
A well furnished stairs
Monkeys welcoming us

We could see a building at another peak , thought of exploring unexplored places. Went there on the bike but disappointed because nothing was there its just a guest house, no view point nothing. Took photos to kill the time.
Building we thought of exploring :P


It was almost 8 so we came back to the temple. There were two shops, I asked if any breakfast is available they said no so had to fill the empty stomach with Lays, Biscuit and Banana. After 2 minutes of climbing the stairs we reached the temple.
Thought of visiting temple while coming back so we moved on.

Shop near parking space

The Trek: Its a short trekking which includes kaccha path and crawling like soldiers.
It had rained the previous day so path was a little slippery. We reached the peak in 15 minutes. Enjoyed the view, fresh breeze, calmness. Though many people visit the temple no one comes till the peak only our group was there no one else. So its a traffic free calm place unlike Shivagange where a lot of people will be there. Its a well maintained clean place where too many devotees visit not many people for trekking.

Crawling at some places
Open place, the mid point
The highest peak "the bell" you can see

Took a power nap for 10 minutes, The sun was already up and hitting like a high beam lights. The climate was fluctuating as sun was playing hide and seek behind clouds. 

View of temple from the top

After spending a good time for 30 mins we  left the place at 9.45 am.

Visited the temple, had a nice darshan of Rudranarasimha swami.

There is a Namada Chilume  3 kms away. We chose to visit Namada Chilume. 
Driving back to Bangalore

We saw the place sit for a couple of minutes and headed back. Reached Bangalore at 1 pm.


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