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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hesaraghatta Grasslands - In Search of Unknown Lands 19/12/2015

Place: Hesaraghatta Grasslands and Hesaraghatta Lake, Bangalore

Distance: 70 km round trip
Route: Vijaynagar -> BEL Circle -> Hesaraghatta Bus Stop -> Hesaraghatta Grasslands -> Hesaraghatta Lake -> Nelamangala ->  Vijaynagar
Bikes: Bajaj Avenger 220, Hero Passion
Crew:  Vinay, Umesh and Sagar (Myself)
Type: Sight Seeing
Ideal for: Friends & Family
Budget: 150/Head

Best of the Beast: Avenger Cruise

Vinay was excited about buying new Gixxer which made him eager to go on a ride. I had heard a lot about Hesaraghatta grasslands which is close to the Bangalore, and a perfect destination for a lazy Sunday drive. Vinay's friend Umesh was also joining us, since he was coming from Jaynagar we decided BEL circle as the assembly point.

Brief about the place:

Hesaraghatta Grassland: Hesaraghatta is the last remaining grassland around Bangalore which stretches around 300 acre. Surrounded by Film and Art schools its one of the common place used by film makers to shoot the beautiful scenes for their film, this is where you can find your creative side. Bird lovers and photographers often visit this place as its a habitat for many species of birds.

Hesaraghatta Lake: Fresh water lake constructed back in 1894 across Arkavathy Rivar to meet the drinking water needs of the city. This is a huge lake that covers an area of more than 1000 acres. This place is popular among bird watches and a perfect destination for the cyclists.

Sunday Morning:
I was up and ready by 5.30 in the morning, Vinay came to my room to pick me up. I occupied pillion seat while Vinay was driving. It was freezing cold in the morning, leather jacket and hand gloves saved my day. Within half an hour we reached BEL circle and waited until Umesh joined us. I was meet him for the first time, we had a small introduction before we were set to go.

The Ride: I started navigation to Hesaraghatta, Google showed route which cuts through many small roads and finally joins Hesaraghatta main road. Pulled over for tea before we hit the Hesaraghatta main road. After a lot of humps and turns we joined Hesaraghatta main road from where the road was super smooth and simple. It was bone-freezing cold because of paddy fields on both side of the road. After a lazy drive of half an hour we reached Hesaraghatta bus stand from where I navigated again to Hesaraghatta Grasslands, another 5 km of ride through country side road. After passing Govt film and television institute there was a right turn which lead us to the open grassland.

Entering Hesaraghatta grassland
Warning sign put by Doddabelavangal police
Ride through the grassland

Hesaraghatta Grassland: We reached Hesaraghatta by 7.45 am, its a wide spread area which stretches nearly 300 acres. I didn't know its a destination for bird watchers until we saw two cars with big cameras trying to capture pics of the birds. We went to the other end of the grassland which is an ideal location for most of the Indian romantic songs. Perfectly aligned trees, red soil, back ground, soothing climate creates a perfect tune one which most of our hero and heroine have danced. I couldn't resist myself from taking my camera out and start taking photos around. 

Row of trees on the other side of the grassland
Me checking out new Bajaj Avenger
Here I go Cruising between the beautiful surroundings
Vinay on the hot seat
Beautiful tree rows and soothing climate

We explored place for couple of minutes before settling down near the broken trunk for photo session. New Bajaj Avenger Cruise was center of attraction now. I always wanted to own an avenger (hope I will get it in 2016 at least). We had a lot of cool photos with the bike and beautiful background. I couldn't believe such a beautiful place is so close to Bangalore, and it took me so long to explore this place. It was 9 am, sun was still hiding behind the clouds making atmosphere more soothing. Its a nice picnic spot, you can read books under the tree or you can just have some sweet talks with your loved ones or if you have kids you can play games with them. After spending one hour we decided to head back.

Photo time!!

Vinay and umesh busy in taking photos :D

Hesaraghatta Lake: We headed to Hesaraghatta lake, parked the bikes and went to see the lake. On the other side of the lake there were some vehicles and people. It was clear that some film shooting was going on. We didn't had enough energy to go other side and checkout. We came back to Hesaraghatta Bus stand, searched for hotels just beside the bus stand there was a small hotel. The food was really good and tasty, do have breakfast at this place if you visit Hesaraghatta :)

Steps which lead to Hesaraghatta lake
Walking around the lake
Huge lake!! You find water as far as your eyes can see
So many vehicles on the other side of the lake, seems like film shooting was going on

Ride Back: Umesh gave his bike keys to me and asked if I want to drive back, I was like "Yes off course!!"? It was the first time I was riding Avenger on a long ride that too this one is new cruise model which is specially designed for long rides. I realized why some people like avenger so much. Riding back was cool, we rode on the Hesaraghatta main road until it intersected with Bangalore-Tumkur highway. While Umesh took left turn from Jalahalli to join ring road, Vinay and me headed back to our respective home.

Important Notes:
1. You can also visit Nrityagram Dance Village, its a small setup behind the grassland. This place is a piece of art, from vintage cars to rare flowes they got some really nice things you can check out. They are open from 10 am onwards and there is a very small entry fee [ref]. Check this post from greatholidayideas for more in site on it.
2. You can also checkout these beautiful pics captured by Team-BHP here
3. If you planning for a day out at Hesaraghatta grassland then just go ahead with it, bring your own food and water. Make sure you don't litter the place.
4. Hesaraghatta is very popular destination for cycling enthusiasts as well.
5. Though you can visit this place round the year, best time would be in monsoon and post monsoon.

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Vinay Hunachyal said...

Amazing Ride

MuthuRaj said...

Gud place

Sagar Sakre said...

Yeah it was amazing ride

Sagar Sakre said...

You should visit it to explore your photography skills

prabhuraj said...

Really good post Sagar ;).. Waiting for your posts with your new bike ;)

Sagar Sakre said...

Thank you prabhuraj, yes it will happen soon

Peri said...

Very soon, we are opening a library cafe/Art gallery in a farm to give a facility near grasslands. Please let me have your comments on kaameshperi@yahoo.com

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